Electrical Engineering

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Programmable Logic, ASICs, Memory
General Semiconductors, Connectors, Prototyping, Boards
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some Industry Associations, Consortiums, Forums, etc.:

  • ADSL Forum
  • ATM Forum & their online ATM Glossary
  • Digital Audio Visual Council (DAVIC)
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Consortium Companies
  • Electronic Industries Association (EIA)
  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF); Internet RFC Index; Ohio State's Internet RFCs
  • Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP) compatible products
  • PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG)
  • Programmable Electronics Performance Corp. (PREP)
  • Signal Computing System Architechture (SCSA)
  • Verilog Internet Services. (verilog.org)
  • VHDL International Users' Forum [ftp]. (VIUF)
  • VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA); VMEbus products; mezzanine products

some CAD vendors:


some programmable logic (FPGA & PLD) Manufacturers:

some (ASIC) Manufacturers:

some Memory Components

some Other Components

some Connector Components

Prototyping - Programming Adapters

Prototyping Tools


Online Catalogs

some Component Distributors (online catalogs)

Software/Personal Computers


Online Magazines

  • Electronic Component Magazine (ECN)'s Electronic Industry Telephone Directory (EITD)
  • EDN Magazine
  • Electronic Design & Technology Network (EDTN)
  • Electronic Engineering Master (EEM)
  • Electronic Engineering Times
  • Fiberoptic Product News
  • NASA's Tech Briefs
  • Network Computing Online
  • Sensors, "The Journal of Applied Sensing Technology;" hotlinks

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