On this side you'll find some links that I use my self (and some not). The links in danish are to homepages written danish, so it will only make sense to click there if you understand danish




Hi-Fi -----------------------------------------------------------
Shops in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, with Hi-Fi for nearly everybody. Actually I have worked in their IT department in almost two years.
Mirage, my favorite loudspeaker.
audiol1.jpg (7510 bytes) This link is a copy of an old link to Audiolab (and the prices are old too), unfortunately hard to get here in Denmark, after Tag/Mclaren has bought it and the prices has gone up, there is no import to Denmark. It's my favorite (at least when it was cheaper)
LC-Audio LC-Audio in English
Seriøs Hi-Fi for selvbyggere. Konstruktioner kan dog også købes færdige.
Hi-Fi links Links to many manufactures. Seek and you will find.
The Original Spherical Loudspeaker Enclosure The Original Spherical Loudspeaker Enclosure Mfr, since 1990
B & W Speakers

Dali speakers
Mark Levinson, the ultimate Hi-Fi, but expensive
Good Hi-Fi, value for money.
Mobile Fidelity Original master recordings. Excellent sound quality. CD's in 24 karat gold. If you haven't heard them yet, you have something to look forward to.
Hi-Fi magazines -----------------------------------------------------------
High Fidelity High Fidelity - Magasin for musik og teknik; bladet alle lytter til.
Electronic -----------------------------------------------------------

Buy for example a intercom for your MC and lot of other stuff.
Electronic links Lot of links
Elektroniksiden Konstruktioner m.m.
Electronic magazines -----------------------------------------------------------
Electronic Design